Intention and Fulfillment

What do we mean?

Intention is the starting point of every dream and fulfills all of your desires,
whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.
With every intention is the mechanism for its fulfillment.

The Oxford Dictionary
defines intention as:

Something that you want and plan to do.

“It wasn’t my intention to exclude her from the list—I just forgot her.”
“I’ve no intention of changing my plans just to fit in with his.”
“He’s full of good intentions, but he never does anything about them!”

Most people think of intention as something to accomplish, but it’s more than that. Intention is a thought you have that will help you fulfill a need—such as transforming grief into purpose.

Intentions may not always be good! Despite our values and intentions, we may harbor emotions that conflict with our intentions. And if an intention is something that, down deep, we don’t really want to change, our conscious mind is very adept at coming up with convenient excuses and rationalizations. So ask yourself if you are truly committed to change. Only if the answer is “yes” can you overcome those powerful winds and currents that can drive you off course.

If you want to enjoy life—if that is your intention—you can ask for it every day. But if you’ve memorized suffering into a state of being, you may declare joy as your intent, but you are demonstrating being a victim. You feel your mind and body are in opposition.

Can you sincerely admit the feeling you hold and what you want to change and eliminate the negative thinking?

For every emotional hurt, we have the power within us to make the pain disappear. We can change the way we react to situations. We can become free of emotional drama and turbulence when we accept the personal responsibility for emotional reactions.

Look into yourself. Develop a relationship with the greater consciousness (a higher power). Share details of the stories you have carried around with you.

“I’m afraid of trusting again because of how much it upset me to be abandoned by my partner in my last relationship.”  

“I pretend I’m happy, but I’m really suffering because I am lonely.” 

“I don’t want anyone to know that I feel guilty, so I lie about myself.”

The reason why your prayers were hardly ever answered in the past may be that you were trying to hold a mindful intention while being lost in lower emotions like guilt, shame, sadness, unworthiness, anger, or fear connected to the old self.  Those feelings were governing your thoughts and attitude.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
–  Paul Coelho, The Alchemist

If you decide that you are forever going to be miserable because of an event that happened in the past, then you will!  If you determine to be positive and grateful and happy and disconnect with the feelings of the past, the you will be. And you’ll attract things into your life—coincidences, signs, hunches—that are there to fulfill your intention.

Sometimes environmental cues that trigger behaviors unconsciously, without our realizing it. The behavior of others, for example, is quite contagious, and we can “catch” it through our daily contact with other people and even through social media.  When someone contacts you and begins the conversation with, “I know you must be miserable,” then more often than not, you may begin feeling miserable! If your Facebook network connects you to depressed, lonely, or unhappy individuals, even if you don’t know or interact with them personally, you are more likely to be those things, too. TV and other media ads touch you in the same way: we tend to feel sick when watching commercials for cold remedies and to eat more when we see food ads.


If we acknowledge these unconscious influences on us rather than ignore them, we become empowered. If we want to increase good habits and positive feelings, we can tie them to a regular place and time and give ourselves reminders to prime our unconscious mind to support these. If we want to rid ourselves of certain negative thinking habits, we can remove cues and opportunities from our environment, and replace our unconscious impulses with positive, conscious messages.

So be aware of self-defeating internal dialogue like “I  feel horrible every time I hear someone mention my _______ (former place of work, my ex, the loved one I lost, etc.).” This type of talk sets up self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you are mindful, you will learn to know the feeling of when you’re headed down the rabbit hole or are on a downward spiral with grief.

Stop, breathe, remember your intention, and reframe your words.


Let’s say you’re working to transform grief to purpose, and though it’s taking time, you know you are on the journey. You are enjoying a winter morning sitting on your couch reading a book.
Your phone rings; it’s a call from a friend who’s calling to make sure that you’re doing OK around the holidays. The conversation begins when she says “Oh, I know you feel lonely and devastated now.” You might have been in a great mood before getting the call, but suddenly, if you’re being mindful, you can catch yourself getting ready to shift to “lonely and devastated” at her suggestion!
Stop, breathe, and tell yourself and lovingly let her that you appreciate that she cares. That you are thankful for her friendship… and redirect the conversation.
Intention is the force of creation.

When you have a strong and clear intention, the clarity and coherence of those thoughts produce corresponding emotions. As a result, our internal chemistry changes and our neurological makeup is altered (we prune old synaptic connections and sprout new ones). There is power in creating a new state of being, of having an intention with emotions for a new you.

As you create new responses to situations, they become habits, and habit become mood, which becomes personality, which becomes personal reality!

Thoughts and feelings together broadcast an electromagnetic signal that attracts omens, coincidence, and opportunities for fulfillment. The universal consciousness is a sea of infinite possibilities.  When you change your personal electromagnetic signature (by changing how you think and feel) to match an energy in the this universal, quantum field, you will find your new reality.

The emotional charge of gratitude is inherently positive and can bring about change in your emotional response to situations, in your personality, and in your world outlook!

The consciousness of intent is a self-organizing, invisible field of energy that can be thought of like radio waves, every frequency carrying information. Intention orchestrates infinite possibilities. It is a seed in consciousness. If you pay attention to it, you’ll see coincidences. With awareness and attention, you pick up responses to feedback. You learn to let go and to not worry about result. Intention provides opportunities, but you need to act when opportunity is provided.

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Your old personality, based on how you thought, felt, and acted, created a reality that you want to change. Change requires a leap of faith. It requires monitoring and changing your inner dialogue. 

First you need to have an intention, then you must get in touch with your spiritual self. Only then will you have a way of using coincidence to fulfill your intentions. Notice coincidences in your life. They are messages, offering you an opportunity to make your intentions—your dreams—come true. There’s a conspiracy of coincidences that weave the web of karma or destiny and creates an individual’s personal life. Coincidences are glimpses beyond the everyday distractions. We can choose to ignore them or we can pay attention to them.

Your personal reality is made up of how you think, feel, and act. By doing each of those in a new way, you create a new self and a new reality. The new identity is no longer emotionally anchored to known situations in your life that recycled the same circumstances.

When you have clear intent, purpose, and passion, your dreams become real.

Set the intention to transform grief to purpose… and look for coincidences to guide you toward your intention’s fulfillment.