Grief to purpose
April 20, 2019

The most unexpected lesson from my self-care trip to the Korean spa

Between birth and death, 3 in 10 are followers of life; 3 and 10 are followers of death. And men just passing from birth to death also number 3 and…
Food for thought
November 11, 2018

What Is a Good Death?

This content was originally posted on and has been reposted with the author's consent. He had been to touch the great death, and found that, after all, it was…
Grief to purpose
July 8, 2018

At 19, Experiencing Death Gave Me Reasons to Live

It wasn’t his time to go. He didn’t die for a reason, as they say. God didn’t look at his watch and go, “Well, I’ve decided. His life on Earth…
Grief to purpose
September 11, 2017

Why I Stepped Back From Grief

The transformation of grief to purpose is my life’s work.  Maybe it always has been, but I know for sure that it’s been my life’s work since the 27th of…